Advantages of a VOIP phone system for small companies

Small businesses today have a substantial advantage in terms of framework prices over 10 years back. Until just recently, if a small business desired an internal phone system, they had to purchase an expensive PBX system and then pay much more so that maybe set up by qualified specialists.
Nowadays there is a much better and cheaper alternative: a VOIP phone system offers all the benefits of a traditional telephone exchange at a fraction of the cost. If your workplace is already connected to Ethernet to make sure that all computers can access the Internet, you may have the ability to include a VOIP phone system to only accept a monthly registration settlement. For those that want to create their own system, there is free software program readily available that can be mounted on any PC computer as a virtual switchboard. VOIP phones can now be purchased practically anywhere you can buy a computer. Setting up a system is generally as easy as separating the network cable from the computer as well as attaching it to the VOIP phone. After that just plug the network cable that included most phones between the phone and also the computer, as well as you're done.