VoIP Business phone- In detail



A mms messaging can be of many types depending upon the usage and size of the company. Business phones are aiming to possess the feature of internet calling only, generally, used by small businesses. Rather than this function, advanced feature phones are also available in the market. The business phones are provided with the features according to the type of subscription one has opted-in.


Types of VoIP phones

  1. Analog Telephone Adapters: The most basic way to use VoIP is through Analogue telephone adapters, commonly, known as gateways. These are common for very small businesses as they only support calls but they can be configured in a host computer as well. These are called gateways because they act as an intermediate between the internet connection and our phones. It is used by simply connecting our device to the gateway and then, connected to the internet connection. They work by converting the analogue signal, the signal from our handset into a digital signal and transmitting over the internet.


  1. IP Phones: Internet Phones or IP Phones or VoIP Phones work by directly connecting to the router. IP phones work by converting the voice signal into data packets. Data is transferred in the form of “packets” over the 7-layered OSI model. These data packets reach from the source to the destination, one by one, at the speed of light. Data packets are numbered when they are transferred from the source. When data packets leave the source, they reach the destination. The destination sends an acknowledgement number to the source. Hence, proper communication is established and no loss of data packets is ensured. Loss of data packets, practically, means noise and disturbance. IP phones are normal looking handsets but instead, they have a different connector. Usually, RJ11 connector is there and they have RJ 45 Ethernet connector. These IP phones have inbuilt software and embedded hardware to handle VoIP functions.


  1. Computer to Computer: VoIP can happen in between computer to computer or laptop to laptop. This can happen only if there is VoIP software working on both the computers and laptops. These are generally used as small business voip because computer to computer hinders mobility. It is budget-friendly and is easy to use.



VoIP Business Network

VoIP business network is a private network of the company. The network generally used by the company, in technical terms, is known as Private Branch Exchange PBX or Hosted PBX. It is a cloud-based network, managed and configured in the cloud rather than the premises of the company. Both Wired- Local area network (LAN) Ethernet and radio signal based technology- WiFi are available as the internet connection for the phones or computers or laptops to be connected.

It is concluded that according to the company’s size and budget, there are many options available in the market for VoIP business Phone as well as VoIP cloud-based networks, which are usually billed monthly or annually. A company can choose any voip business phone system and configure the one as per their requirements, features and budget.