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The world of pornography and prostitution has evolved, and now you can find different platforms to find a good sex session with a companion. You can also hire sex or incall service, where the client goes to the escort's location and enjoy an unforgettable date.

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• 69

This is one of the most sought-after positions by men who hire a high-quality escort. This representation with the bodies can unleash many emotions that sometimes, they cannot have with their partner. To enjoy this position, you must lie on your partner in the opposite direction and thus be able to stimulate each other with their mouths.

• The Amazon

It is a very easy practice where the escort is on top of the client with her legs bent and her back upright. In this case, the woman is the one who controls the intensity, depth, and rhythm of penetration. Many men have fun and get excited with this position because they can see the woman on top of them, and with an escort, they can enjoy this and other positions.

• King's throne

Most men love oral sex, and you can get it with vip escorts. They are women who know how to satisfy their customers and who go crazy with their service. This is a perfect position to enjoy good oral sex, where the escort will have to lie down, and the man will sit on his face.

With this position, the man will be able to control oral penetration and feel like the king.

•Deep Throat

As mentioned above, oral sex is very pleasant, and in this position, the man will be standing, the escort will be sitting, and his playful mouth will be on the man's member.

By choosing an incall service, you will enjoy one of these positions or experience many others. It will be your opportunity to experience the best positions of the Kamasutra and feel more pleasure.

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