Things To Know Before Paying For Any Escort Services!

Many individuals believe being a kansas city escorts to be a dangerous occupation. However, female escort services safety recommendations are now quite widespread and used by almost everyone. Here are a few dos and don'ts to keep you out of problems with clients and the law.


Make every effort to remain anonymous. Clients should avoid attempting to obtain your home address. It might have negative consequences in the long run. Some clients are known to be fascinated with a particular escort, which is bad for business. Renting an independent apartment makes sense if you do in-home appointments. It's a good idea to have an intercom system if you're offering incalls from your home address. You should not call or receive calls from your clients on your cell phone. Your invoices can readily disclose your personal information to nosy clients, and they may obtain your address via data theft techniques. You may obtain a pre-paid phone under a different name to conceal your identity from clients.


Payment is the essential factor to consider. Request that the customer pays for your escort services in advance or as soon as you arrive. Never allow the client to pay after the fact since you may not receive your money. Avoid taking debit or credit card payments. To begin with, no UK bank supports the escort business and will revoke your payment privileges and, more often than not, retain your money. Second, customers may quickly contact their credit card provider to halt a payment. Finally, purchase a pen checker to ensure that your banknotes are genuine. We've observed a lot of situations when escorts were paid in counterfeit banknotes.

New Clients

When you agree to give escort services to a new client, make the terms and circumstances plain to him. Tell him exactly what your service entails, how long it will continue, and how much you anticipate to be paid. Do not discuss sex with a new client. A customer should be aware that sex is never discussed over the phone. Instead, collect as much information as possible about your customer. Ask whether he has any specific needs, such as uniforms, toys, or fetishes, to find out what he's expecting. This will offer you a better idea of the client's personality. If you're not confident about a customer, don't accept a booking. Always follow your instincts.

When Should You Cancel?

Here are a few examples of when you should cancel your reservation. Suppose you arrive at your client's home and discover that he has other individuals with him. You didn't sign up for this, and it might jeopardize your safety. If you come to a party and discover that more people are waiting for you, this is not a positive omen. When a client arrives, he says he needs to use the cash machine. Why was he not prepared since he already knew the price over the phone? Allow him to go, but do not let him back in or ensure that he is not coming back in with anybody else.