How to Get Free TAOBAO Mini Program?


TAOBAO Mini Program is a mini-app that is integrated with TAOBAO. It enables you to post to TAOBAO through mini-apps such as Chat2, Game, and Vocal. If your phone has mobile internet, you can also send text messages without opening the main app! In addition to enhancing your chat experience, the Mini Apps will use the data collected from using social media such as TAOBAO and QQ. It allows developers to understand how users interact with these apps and improve their products accordingly.

You can create your mini-app if you have any ideas on using TAOBAO data. Just register for a mini-program account, and upload a small app file. You can also talk with other developers about what you would like to see in Mini Apps. TAOBAO is the most famous messaging app in China, with over 1 billion active users. Download TAOBAO Mini Program are mini-programs hosted on TAOBAO. They are straightforward to install and offers a vast scope of applications, all for free.

TAOBAO Mini Program accounts are only intended for users over the age of 18. Users under 18 should not create an account on this site or send TAOBAO messages through any apps registered on this site. To get your own Free TAOBAO Mini Program, you must first understand how it all works. TAOBAO mini-programs are a category of applications that have become increasingly popular. All you require is to pick the one you like and download it on your TAOBAO. It is straightforward, so let's go.

Steps to getting Free TAOBAO Mini Program

  1. First, open up your TAOBAO app and click on the Profile icon on the bottom left.


  1. On the Profile page, tap on the TAOBAO mini-program icon.


  1. The TAOBAO mini-program page will open up. Here, you can search for the mini-programs you are interested in and download any that take your fancy.


  1. Let's choose an app, for example, Coolman. Then, click "Get" to download it on your TAOBAO account.


  1. Coolman will appear in the My Apps section of the main page.


  1. Tap on the icon to open up the application.


  1. The application will be opened, and you will start it straight away.


  1. Once the app is installed, you can start using it by signing in to your TAOBAO account from the Our Apps page in Settings.


  1. The most popular apps are downloaded as mini-programs, but not limited to this category of applications.


  1. It is the end of this tutorial. You can now continue using your TAOBAO mini-program to your heart's content.

As you can see from this simple tutorial, TAOBAO mini-programs is an easy and fun way to enjoy your TAOBAO experience. The primary purpose of TAOBAO mini programmes is for developers to take advantage of the data collected when users are using the Free TAOBAO Mini Program. As a result, developers better understand how users use their apps and make specific adjustments to reduce crashes, improve performance, and customize the user experience to their needs. Therefore, try to stay focused to better understand with no doubts or queries involved.